Story Writer (Contract)

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We are a San Francisco-based mobile entertainment company that is continuously breaking new ground on smartphones and tablets by building graphically rich games, developing fun new genres of entertainment and creating innovative technologies. We launched in 2009 and have grown to over 200 employees. Our games have been downloaded over 200 million times globally! We are looking for writers to create original stories on our hit app that caters to our audience of teenage girls to women in their thirties. Stories should be female-focused dramas, romances, comedies, fantasies, or mysteries. We will feature the stories in our it mobile storytelling app. The app is a platform for animated, interactive stories created specifically for mobile devices. To date, players have read over 400 million chapters on the app, and the app has been featured in Publishers Weekly and Wired. Our working writers include a former Marvel Comics editor, a writer from the CW’s Supernatural, and writers from a Comedy Central animated series

What you will be doing.

  • Pitch multiple compelling story ideas
  • After deciding on a story, create a pilot consisting of the first three episodes
  • Write and direct the script for each episode

What you need to work here.

  • Formal education in screenwriting, cinema, or creative writing (preferred but not required)
  • Passion for storytelling
  • Experience writing romance, comedy, drama, or fantasy for a female audience
  • Deep understanding of narrative structure (acts, scenes, etc.)
  • To apply:
  • Please submit a writing sample and a brief background of your storytelling experience:
  • The writing sample can be a script (highly preferred), a short story or an excerpt from a novel.
  • The writing sample should be female-focused
  • The background can be a resume or a list of bullet points


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